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Category:  Laptops & Notebooks
Brand:  Dell
Model No.:  C280
Expected Price:  250


This auction is for two laptops. One is a C500/600 and the other is a c810. The c810 powers on, but shows nothing on the screen. The lights come on for a few seconds and go off. I tried hooking it to a monitor, but it does not light up that monitor either. It has a wi-fi card and a single stick of ram (unknown what size) and NO HARD DRIVE. it does have the hard drive caddy. maybe you can get it to work, I just can't with my capabilities. The c500/600 is a mess, it has missing keys on the keyboard and one of the mouse buttons comes off. It does not light up when I put a power bar on it. I think the computer is just dead, but it does come with a battery, although I don't know if it works or not. The cd face is broken off too. It comes with NO HARD DRIVE. It does have a hard drive caddy, the wi-fi card and 2 sticks of 128 ram. BTW, Picture shows a charger which also comes with it and the two computers as described and the floppy attachment. It will ship via usps. Again, it is sold as is, no warranty implied, and thanks for looking.

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Product Details:  Laptops & Notebooks / Dell / C280
Price:  $ 250 / $
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